【Updated Jan 10 2018 AEI Sample Page has been uploaded!】Starting in February 2018, Momoiro Clover Z Official Fan Club ANGEL EYES(AE) will finally be accepting international members (AEI)!


From February 2018, we’ll be accepting international fans into the AE International (AEI)!

AE INTERNATIONAL (AEI) Sample page (English version) has been updated! You can click brightly-displayed image to see a sample of each contents.
【updated Jan 10 2018】

AE INTERNATIONAL (AEI) will start accepting membership applications from February 1, 2018 (JST).

Finally, ANGEL EYES is going worldwide! Let's expand the MONONOFU circle across the globe!

Here's some benefits to joining AEI:
★You'll receive a Gold Card certifying you as a Fan Club Member!(※1)

★As a membership benefit, you'll also receive an AE exclusive white swim cap!

★You'll get an English-language version of the current AE site!(※2)
  ◆Updated monthly! ANGEL EYES Web Magazine「MONTHLY AE」
   You can enjoy member interviews, photo galleries, messages from members and lots more!
   ※We plan to upload this around two weeks after the Japanese version.
  ◆You'll find out the latest AE info with post-event photo reports! We’ll be sending you lots of photos, and detailed reports!
  ◆We'll upload the manga MOMOPRO Z!
   You can read all the latest info about AE on MOMOPRO Z! (only be provided in Japanese at launch.)
  ◆We'll send you one original wallpaper per month! AE original wallpaper that you won’t find anywhere else!
  ◆You'll be able to check out AE Videos, which are full of original content that you can only view with AE! (only be provided in Japanese at launch.)
★You'll receive a fortnightly newsletter that’s full of AE info (English version)! (※3)
★We'll be giving you even more exciting services in the future!(※4)

(※1)This will be the same as the IC membership card which we send to AE members.
(※2)Partial content of the current AE site can be viewed in English. Further details shall be announced later.
(※3)The e-mail magazine(newsletter) may differ in content compared with the Japanese version.
(※4)Decisions have not been finalized at this stage in regard to ticket pre-order acceptance into the AE international (AEI), mail-order.

※Entry into AE INTERNATIONAL is limited to persons resident outside of Japan. If a Japanese resident joins AE, they will not receive some membership benefits.
※Existing members are not permitted to carry out duplicate registration with AEI, so will not be able to register.
※AE site contents will be prepared in English so that they can be viewed by existing members and international members alike.
Existing members who live in Japan will also be able to enjoy English-language content.
※Inquiries can be made to the following e-mail address.(For service in English: limited to persons living outside of Japan) only)
We will respond to inquiries as soon as possible, but please be aware that it may take some time.
※We will be closing for the winter holiday season from December 28, 2017 to January 9, 2018 (JST).
We will respond to inquiries received during that period after we return on January 10, 2018.
※We will be announcing further details on the services you can use as a AE INTERNATIONAL member at a later date, so please avoid inquiries on this matter before the announcement is made.