Renewal Benefits

Renewal Benefits

Membership Benefits

Updated every month! The "MONTHLY AE"

The "MONTHLY AE" web magazine is packed with member interviews, photo features, and more!

After the event, there will be a photo report to deliver Momoclo’s news!

There will be lots of photos and a detailed report!

Download original content!

We are delivering original member’s wallpapers!
Including the ANGEL EYES original wallpaper that you cannot get anywhere else!

Newsletter distribution

We are delivering an English newsletter twice a month!

View Movie AE members-only exclusive videos! (Posted irregularly)

Membership fees

Annual membership fee:
4,400 yen

*An additional system handling charge of 550 Japanese yen
(including Japanese consumption tax)will also be applied.
*We do not offer returns on the annual membership fee
after the renewal procedure is complete. Thank you for your understanding.

Members who can
renew membership

e.g.: If you admitted in Feb. 1st to Feb.
28th of the previous year (2018),
your membership expiration date is
Feburaly 28, 2019.

※The membership expiration date and the deadline for the renewal procedures are not the same.
e.g.: If your membership expiration date is Feb. 28, you can not log in to the member site after March, and can not receive any membership benefit service.
※ If the membership renewal period elapses, you will need to pay a new admission fee and annual membership fee if you wish to retain your membership.


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